Trinity Church – Boston, MA

Trinity Church in the City of Boston is recognized for its National Historic Landmark building, considered by members of the American Association of Architects as one of this country’s top 10 buildings. In the late 1990’s, the church installed six open style loops around the perimeter of the church to depths of 1,500ft. Poor ground water quality constantly fouled the pumps and coils resulting in declining thermal performance and perennial maintenance costs.  In 2018 the decision was made to replace the submersible pumps and porter shrouds with a closed loop Rygan system.

Rygan composite pipe is prepared, connected and lowered into the 1,500ft. bores.  Once the coaxial well heads are connected, the system is impervious to the effects of mineral laden ground water.  Each bore now provides roughly 15 tons (52kw) of maintenance free heating and cooling capacity for the church.

Rygan HPGX.  Bury it…. and forget it.

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